Born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania Ethan DeLorenzo was always moved by recording a moment. He found great purpose, whether through capturing an analog photograph or recording a song with a friend. After living and traveling around the United States, he now finds himself happily planted in Northern California. Currently he is working on a photo book with his lover, producing a few albums, a multi-sensory art installation and most excitingly creating a family.

Growing up in a forgotten industrial town has led me to fill my many free hours lost in my imagination. At first photography and music were my tools for escapism. Over time they grew to become my passion. In recent years they have become my profession. I use these forms of expression to share things inside me to the exterior world. There’s something to be said about this classic medium of instant expression throughout time. There’s something to be said about the limitations. Most of all, in this era we live in, about a tangible experience. An instant photo from just moments before is something that shall never die. It’s too brilliant of an invention to die young. It translates the human experience in a way that any soul that lusts for each breath can appreciate. It is chemistry, it’s science, it’s light, it’s the absence of light…it’s life itself. 

We are excited to teach our child how to shoot instant analog photos and the joy it will bring.

There is beauty in this digital age but many things become lost in the over-saturation of the internet. With attention spans decreasing rapidly we have trouble finding the time to explore things we are not familiar with. Chances are you do not know me therefore by reading this you are challenging the convenient confines we so frequently occupy. Your attention is appreciated. If you too crave tangible artefacts, I will be offering these images as well as other photos for purchase on my website. Many of these images are moments in nature, seeing shapes and paintings in life. I’m very connected to nature, the vast and the holy. The series of photos you see here have been captured up on the Central Pacific Coast with my loved ones. All of these images including the backgrounds are shot with Impossible films. These photographs capture love and connectivity amongst friends, artists and lovers. One of my favorite moments is the one of my glowing lover who is pregnant with our first child, standing stoic on a beach near our home.

Living in Los Angeles and working in the music industry there’s a certain amount of fame and facade you encounter. People being seen through a microscopic lens, glorified for their image and not the real raw person inside. I didn’t like that aspect of our society. I didn’t like the vanity or the obsession with the facade. That realization has really inspired all aspects of what I create and pointed me in a different direction entirely. It’s given me the confidence to be simple, be unrefined. It attracted me to very delicate ideals and details that often go overlooked. In my work I want to capture the simple beauty of human, imperfect in the most divine way. Whether from wild nature or wild heart, I feel this purpose echo through me. Letting go and letting the human experience move me is where my freedom has been found.”


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