Boys By Girls Magazine is the men’s fashion publication with a documentary and portrait focus. Their main aim is to present to the world an image of the young male of today that is as true to life as possible. From castings to fashion editorials, interviews to high-brow celebrity shoots, they choose to incorporate instant film into their vision – drawn to the process of capturing the moment in its most unedited form.

“Memories. The most precious of all things we have. Often lost in the depths of our minds over time. The moments spent with that person whose friendship you thought would last forever. The first time you saw your friend cry, because he shared something so meaningful that only the two of you will ever be able to understand how this moment started a new chapter in both of your lives. When you laughed with your family over how small that jumper looks on your brother now.

Images allow us to preserve these moments in time that are most important to us, and no type of images are able to instantly capture these mere seconds with such honesty and unfiltered authenticity than those captured with instant film. That’s why at Boys By Girls Magazine we are so in love with film. No matter where we are or what we are doing, it helps us to capture the very essence of the boys we meet and preserve their stories in such a beautiful and honest way.

There’s nothing quite like taking a photo that so instantly shows to you what you’ve just produced

In our few years partnering with Impossible, we have used the colour as well as black and white 600 films for a wide range of scenarios; our on-going project capturing Boys at Home and the world that surrounds them, fashion editorials, documentary portrayals, castings, model interviews, features with emerging and high brow musicians, as well as fashion week experiences. The most unexpected moments are often the most beautiful. All images like little treasures and memorabilia of the amazing people we capture. Little pieces of time and experience locked into a piece of film for us to keep forever and share with all our readers in our print issues as well as the online platform.

Our passion for instant film is ever-evolving. There are no second chances – you press the button and out comes that little square of film that slowly, as if it’s really soaking in what it’s just seen, produces an image of that moment frozen in time. The feeling when we click that trigger on our camera, and those exciting minutes waiting for the image to appear. We are always taken by surprise each time as the unedited perception of that moment is sealed. We hold our breath as we wait for the square to turn to color and shapes start emerging, like little moments of gold dust each time. Ours forever.”


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September 17, 2015

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