This year we are launching The Impossible Project Laboratory Berlin. In the next few months our head lab technician Peter Boesch will be transforming the east wing of Berlin HQ into a multifunctional area: part shop, part photo studio, part gallery and yet another part offline social interaction centre. The space will be used for events, workshops, exhibitions and creative exchange around instant photography.

In more than one way, our company is dedicated to development. Much more than a factory outlet, we see this new space more as a playground, a forum for exchange, a classroom for show and tell, a lecture hall, a photo studio, a showroom for our products, a party bunker with a disco ball. A cultural interface. An agora for our company to meet with our community, the users, the artists, the scientists, the moms and dads and the pop stars. It is a flexible podium for learning and experimenting – an area that stimulates imagination and development. This space will be our utopia as we draw on the heritage of a future that traditionally used to be exciting. We want to blend traditional optimism of the 60’s and 70’s and blend in contemporary possibilities and look forward in childlike unprejudiced excitement. Let us tell you at this point that the fruit is not ripe yet. The fruit is a bit premature and greenish, but you will get an idea of where we are going with this. In the end it will be a delicious fruit salad.

For starters, in-house make-up artists have restored our disfigured Betsy III (having arrived sporting a moustache). Our exhibitionist colleague is back on top of her dirty game in full splendour. After cleaning up and organizing the back section in what has been called a historical effort, some drilling, sawing, painting, 8 stitches at the hospital and some serious screwing (cordless), we present to you the fruit of our labour. Moving on to the 8×10 Mobile Development Unit (MDU): A streamlined, all in one support-desk for shooting our large format camera. Everything you need within your long arm’s reach: A wide selection of state of the art adhesive tapes, pens and pencils, a pocket calculator for crucial bellow factor calculations, various cleaning liquids, safety goggles, q-tips a generous supply of multi-purpose paper towel and that credit card for swiping out surplus paste.

Our Mobile 8×10 Film and Beverage Refridgeration Unit (M8X10FBRU). This item consists of an old illuminated film fridge from the 70s, securely mounted on a emergency beverage storage. Full 360 degree mobility is achieved through rollers attached to the bottom of the container. The crown jewel of the entertainment section is without hesitation of a doubt the mighty Phono Rover: A movable vinyl discotheque with built in classics from the field of the light effects. With a brand new 40 cm mirrorball we do our part for assuring the future of the human race.

Thanks to all the people that came to our housewarming party. First of all: it was lovely. Our manifesto seems to be working. We believe in a positive future. And the party was even lovelier than we had expected! Refreshments were in place: our darling sponsors more than generously assured beverages for the crowd. Cracking Wines from the French Luberon purveyed by La Vieille Ferme, crispy Vodka from Berlin by Abyme Vodka. Our consumption forecast was met by even bigger thirst. The three flights of stairs must have been the reason for unexpected hydration needs of an audience well beyond 400 people that came for a party but encountered a work-out.Thank you DJ Devil and J. Def K. for your inauguration of the Phono Rover Technology. Thank you Oliver Blohm for handling the 8×10 camera and development unit. Thank you every one for showing up and making it the mental beta-party it was! Right, the house warming was only a test for the space and its functionality. We all were the lab rabbits. With the findings of the analysis of the celebration processes, our experts and scientists will now tweak the functionality of our Laboratory and Party procedures. Science will guarantee an even better next party. This was only the beginning. Hope to see you again very soon

More details on our new Facebook Page. 


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