Andreea originally planned this project for her digital camera, but when she got her first Polaroid camera she changed her plans. She created the project with two Polaroid cameras, and started with just 10 portraits. The photographers will be shown in London on the 24th April in a show at Photo Scratch, London: where 6-8 photographs are invited to show their works in progress. It will be followed by her first solo photography exhibition on the 21st July at Camden Image Gallery. As well as sharing some of the images from the series, she explains the process for her project. 

“I only take one photo of each person, and no matter what happens this is the only photograph that I will take for my project. The idea behind this project was to create portraits of people I know, or have recently met, and capture a candid portrait of them in one take using instant film. From a visual artist to shoe designer to a student of art history there are various types of people involved in the project, as well as my friends and family members. I wanted to encourage them do whatever they wanted to do in that portrait, and represent themselves how they would like to world to see them. My only involvement in the shooting of these portraits was to press the shutter button on the camera. It was my aim that the subject choose what they want to show inside the portrait – and that it be very personal: what they’re thinking or what kind of emotion they want to transmit within that photograph. If they have an intimate space or a special piece of clothing, or they want their alter-ego to surface in that portrait. It’s just up to them. I also took from them some words, anything they wanted to write down. The one where I photographed Alexandra, and her cat was all the time with us and it was a wonderful moment, very relaxing. For example Alexandra wanted to create the scene as if it were a mug shot. Now I have all the portraits and everything is ready for the exhibition. Through this project I want to keep the spirit of instant photography alive, and of course of my Polaroid camera. Nothing compares with film photography, even if it’s instant. There’s something magical and really emotional about this medium. This is the future, not an SD memory card or a smartphone camera. The smell and granulation of film photography will never be replaced by a virtual screen.” 

Discover more about Andreea’s work with instant film on her Facebook Page.



March 31, 2017


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