Andre Gray is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His work consists of both digital and film photography and also videography. His love for history is portrayed within his images, giving an audience a glimpse of life in the 20th century. With Impossible film, he’s allowed to catch moments of past times. By using the right subjects and correct clothing Andre takes everyone on a journey within his photography.

“Living in New York City I easily get inspired every day. The history that this city holds is amazing, anything from the Harlem Renaissance to the Hip Hop scene in the 1980s is only enough to inspire anyone. My series “Disco Nights” is an example of New York history. I tried to focus on Studio 54 which was a popular nightclub in the late 1970’s. I wanted my subjects to look glamorous in every way by making them dress in the finest disco attire. In order to get in that club those days, you had to really look the part so my aim was to really execute the looks. The kaleidoscope effect was my finishing touch to make the photos look dreamy and have a vintage beauty to it. I mostly use subjects who don’t model to give the impression of real life in the 20th century. Without the right execution, it’s just another modern picture to my eyes.

In present day many people tend to misuse the Polaroid camera by creating modern images. The Polaroid camera is simply a work of art, a vintage gem. The fact that the Impossible company experiments with different forms of polaroids are beyond extraordinary. It’s truly a science of photography and it allows everyone to be creative in their own way. When I first worked with Impossible film things started off terrible being that I had no clue of how to control my lighting. After some practice, I finally knew how to use the film outdoor and indoor. Impossible film is definitely not to be played around with, every photo counts. However, it allows me to express myself beyond words. I usually use the film indoors because I can control my lighting and also give my pictures and photo booth look. Time has progressed and technology but there will be nothing like film. It’s an art form that stands on its own.”

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February 05, 2017


March 10, 2017


November 07, 2016

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